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After each ATH #bitcoin price drops until a lot of miners aren't profitable. Miners switch off hardware (capitulate), hashrate drops, and difficulty adjusts downwards .. until miners become profitable again and difficulty rises. Difficulty bottom (100%) starts a new bull market🚀

“Not your keys not your descriptors not your coins” would be the new saying in 10 years. Is my prediction. 😜

How can academia address the blockchain skills gap? Ripple’s Head of Social Impact Ken Weber shares his thoughts. via @OpenAccessGov

Great effort! IMO another thing wallet vendors could do besides adhering to existing BIPs/adding documentation, is to start supporting output descriptors. It would make the recovery process a lot easier, since descriptors can capture key origin/derivation path.

This is what I have to put up with.

If maximalists gave up the reigns, you little rats would have inflation built into the monetary policy in no time

@glenweyl @ESYudkowsky Reading through your article, and definitely seeing strong parallels between the issues with technocracy and the alignment problem itself. The inability of technocrats to algorithmically capture shared human values is basically the root of the alignment problem itself.

Crypto twitter is dead

Long live Bitcoin twitter

Anonymous bearer shares that can collect dividends have come to Bitcoin Cash.
Built with

Many great insights into some nuances of bech32 implementations covered in this week's newsletter. All wallet devs should check this out.

Been quite a while since I have seen so many dumb and totally clueless takes on Crypto Twitter... I think the previous time was when people actually took @bitfinexed seriously.

OceanEx GO!'s first #IEO project, Jur starts on August 28th, 6pm HK time! @JurProject is a pioneer in the LegalTech industry. At prices below private sale, fast & affordable justice is here : @OceanexOfficial #OceanExGO #ad

Looks like @amazon thinks I'm really into cheese... These are some weird results.

"As traveling to and working in other countries has become easier, people are also increasingly more comfortable with transferring money digitally." Read how #RippleNet helps @Xendpay open new markets and offer competitive rates.

.NET Core finally ships built-in hardware accelerated methods for leading/trailing zero count, population count and rotate left/right in 3.0! 🎉

v3.0.0-beta1 is out with a new networking stack based on the Bedrock layer of Core that brought significant performance gains, and numerous other improvements and fixes. We are eagerly awaiting your feedback.

Ok what about @Bitcoin account was a deal involving atomic swap of @TheBlueMatt to @sqcrypto and @Bitcoin to @ChaincodeLabs ? Make as much sense as anything. Thanks for your sacrifice Matt.

Reminder that we have our usual #rockstarism #LearnToCode session tomorrow (Wednesday 8/21) at 1 PM CDT. We will be discussing what @vswee has done on implementing new @BtcpayServer onboarding design done by @taratan. Everyone welcome, DM me on:

Discussing bitcoin's evolution into a "Safe Haven" asset and what's ahead for the world's most dominant cryptocurrency with @emilychangtv
on @technology.

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