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I want to build something on Lightning so badly.

Where do tokens go when they die?

I don't have time for now, but if I had time, I would do a service where anybody with a raspberry pi + a SIM card could rent their number for receiving a SMS on behalf of someone else against a small lightning payment.

SMS as "anti-fraud" is absurd in the first place.

Pray the gods, after 1 day of fightening (pun intended) I finally managed to build clightning for ARM32... soon coming on your raspberry.

Awesome article. Though now I want to stop bitcoin, and study fungi.

One thing these bull markets have taught me is that it is best to just ignore the price, stay humble and HODL.

Spend time with your family, educate yourself etc.

I haven't checked the BTC price in nearly 1 year and have managed to visit 12 countries, start a biz & lose 28lbs.

Just a reminder I will be at talking about @BtcpayServer ! Will make a post later today to explain the object of the talk, it is about @BtcpayServer architecture. This will give you the knowledge you need to take total control of the whole stack.

You can now purchase a Make Speech Free Again hat and GabPro via bitcoin and litecoin thanks to @BtcpayServer, which NO ONE can no-platform.

A great addition to the topic of how Bitcoin revolutionizes property rights. This time @hasufl & @zhusu broke things down from the cooperation angle: Bitcoin breaks Dunbar's # without the state. The visualization of the institutional stack should be in every economic textbook. 🤓

New listings!
Platinum (PLAT), Kambria (KAT)

Increasingly seeing messages like this one that "prohibit users from Iran, North Korea, Syria -and the United States-"

US regulators have become so aggressive that international services go to the same lengths to avoid US persons as they do to avoid OFAC sanctioned countries

Multiple wallets, multiple chains...

New and improved ZapDesktop coming to the #LightningNetwork soon...


I have many (mostly informed) opinions about the future of blockchain, which I shared with @rjmarvin1. Check out my predictions for 2019 - and what we’ve been doing @Ripple this year!

This is a profound (but difficult to understand) implication of decentralized public blockchains like Bitcoin

Even Litecoin will soon have more than 1000 merchants accepting LN payments! 🚀 Thanks @CoinGatecom!

Love this from Marc Andreesen:

"The world is a very malleable place. If you know what you want, and you go for it with maximum energy and drive and passion, the world will often reconfigure itself around you much more quickly and easily than you would think." - @pmarca

@litecoin community, we bear some exciting news! Our #Litecoin #LightningNetwork is ready to be deployed and will soon be live on CoinGate! Keep up with the news as we’re getting closer! Here’s a little sneak peek @LTCFoundation @SatoshiLite @starkness!

I prefer the excitement of creation more than resting on the laurels of success.

Thanks to fellow panelists @kwerb, @ValeBystrowicz and @SHodyEsq for the lively discussion on how we can build trust and legal clarity in #blockchain at @Ripple's very first Expert Views event!

OH: In a sea of ponzi based world computer shitcoins, how does Ethereum even plan to stick out? 🤔

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