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When it comes to AOL vs. the internet I'm betting on the internet every time. 😎

Last day to submit your project for our Lightning Pitch Competition on June 24 in San Fransisco! ⚡️
Win up to $1000 USD worth of BTC, an hour with the @blockchaincap research team, signed copies of @jimmysong's latest book and more.

Running #lightning again after more than a year where I did for the first time. Thanks @lightning for this awesome release of mobile LND with neutrino on BTC mainnet! 🙂

Running neutrino

If you bought $10 worth of Bitcoin and Gold every week for the last 3 years you would have made a +330% return on your Bitcoin investment but only 6.44% on your Gold investment. Just released ability to compare assets on dca tool! #DropGold @barrysilbert

A changing payments ecosystem means a changing data ecosystem. Great panel this morning at #ebaday2019 with Ripple Global Head of Banking @delatinne and other leaders from @jpmorgan, @DeutscheBank and @DanskeBank_DK.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #51 is here:

- requests testing on RCs for LND / C-Lightning
- describes using ECDH for uncoordinated LN payments
- summarizes proposal to add info about delays to LN routing replies
- summarizes some talks from Breaking Bitcoin

1/ Thinking more on this Twitter/BTC compelling user actions, I think it's a paradigm shifting concept. Right now advertisers cannot compel action from users, only "promote" ads in their timelines in hopes it is relevant for them which leads to clicks, shares.

Feels good to ship ⚡️📲 This was a massive effort by everyone at @lightning. So proud to be part of such an amazing team!

We've released the mainnet alpha of our Lightning Mobile App for iOS & Android, the first on all major platforms! ⚡️📲

Send money instantly around the world. Control your own funds and data with Neutrino and Autopilot. Read more and try it out here:

[email protected] could become a huge BTC hodler: BTC fees for user to user transfers on Twitter, fees on @cashapp bitbacks and bitboosts, fees on rewarding consumer actions on Twitter (sats for likes, shares; merchants to users).

Jacks’ holdings would grow like Bitmex insurance account.

The #MCC2019 talk by @BobMcElrath Blockchain Architect at @Fidelity on 'Decentralized Mining Pools for Bitcoin'.

Imagine a Twitter @ account that doubles as a BTC address (@cashapp powered). Easiest $$ sending user to user across borders; Twitter takes fee.

Twitter buys @trylolli, @ account becomes lolli login and BTC address. Buy stuff, get BTC, share on Twitter, get more BTC for sharing

People ask me why I trade Bitcoin

Because in the past 10 years there hasn't been any other market that comes close

ROI each Bitcoin Cycle
2011: Return of 318,864%
2014: Return of 58,474%
2017: Return of 11,960%

2022: Potential Return of 2,392% = $78,500.00 Potential High

This is why I believe the regulators will allow libra. They don’t want the Chinese to dominate global payments. And at least the blockchain piece of this gives some privacy vs all of Alipay’s payments going to the Chinese government clearing house.

Fuck I forgot Tokyo BTC hacker meetup about @bisq_network @wiz .... 🙁

Delighted to welcome @bremadigan, VP of Institutional Markets and Phil Chin, VP of Corporate Development to my team @Ripple! As we continue to grow, we're fortunate to have these two experts spearheading some of @Ripple strategic efforts.

Thrilled to welcome @Michellebond111 as @Ripple's Global Head of Governmental Relations! 15+ years of global govt relations, legal, and policy experience. Excited to have her on board as we continue to work closely with lawmakers, regulators, and partners worldwide!

I don't understand why libra is open source. Is it for forking shitcoins out of it? Because at the end of the day, nobody will be able to run it unless they have 10 million in the pocket.

Japan’s #1 Luxury watch and jewelry shop Gem Castle Yukizaki (@GC_YUKIZAKI ) is now accepting #BitcoinCash payments at all 13 locations! #cryptocurrencies

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