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Wow. I did not know this. “The apparel and footwear industries together account for more than 8 percent of global climate impact, greater than all international airline flights and maritime shipping trips combined.”

Thrilled to announce, at long last, the release of my paper on identity with @immorlica and Matt Jackson. Thanks to @wirelineio and @LucasGeiger for all their support! Be sure to check out the fabulous work of @Gradish on making these ideas a reality.

How to create a crowdfunding campaign similar to Hodlonaut's?
Easy. The crowdfunding app is built into BTCPay.

1. Deploy BTCPay
2. Apps > Create New > Crowdfunding

That's all. Watch our video⚡️

One of my most controversial software opinions is that your sleep quality and stress level matter far, far more than the languages you use or the practices you follow. Nothing else comes close: not type systems, not TDD, not formal methods, not ANYTHING.

Allow me to explain why.

Finished Sekiro. Get back to coding. 😛

The solution: Ban Bitcoin.

i can now point to a specific attack on every version of @DemocracyEarth we have implemented.

If you see something, say something.

Shower thoughts:

If it is easier to taint a coin than to untaint it, eventually all coins will be tainted.
If it is easier to untaint than to taint, then no problem.

Even perfectly efficient blacklisting can only work on the short term or if Bitcoin is completely banned.

Go see the film ‘Trial by Fire’ made by @edzwick. It tells this story in great detail. If you are a fan of Rick Perry, at the end of watching I guarantee you won’t be.

Given video calls are free for almost all of us, paying $9.90 seems outrageous. Let’s agree that our criminal justice system should t profit on the misery of others.

The @Bitcoin twitter account should be suspended like the @internet account.
The account was sold which is against ToS.
The account is actively involved with defrauding people. It really is that simple.

@NicolasDorier @kixunil @pierre_rochard @slush gwillen is working on GUI wizard which should make this flow easier

On April 27th, on BitKnow channel will have @NicolasDorier @BtcpayServer
will talk about:

* How to set-up BTCPay Server
* How to crowdfund your project through BTCPay Crowdfunding App
* How BTCPay Server project was conceived
* Latest Development

SignalR now supports returning IAsyncEnumerable<T> from hub methods. This makes it trivial to do implement streaming APIs. Core 3.0 preview5 will also support streaming parameters

Call 1 = a_0 < ... < a_r = n an addition chain for n if each a_i term (i=1,..,r) is a sum of any two preceding terms in this sequence; and define l(n) to be minimum r.

FACT: that there is an n with l(2n) < l(n); i.e. a certain 2n-th power is easier to evaluate than n-th

Had a great conversation with @stephanlivera on Lightning Loop and some broader LN topics. Listen in to find out why not all inbound liquidity is equal, how to decide between loop or buy and to get used to the idea that old channels may be like good wine.

New speaker announcement : @joostjgr from @lightning labs, will give the talk: "Security Aspects of Lightning Network Routing". ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Product launch confirmed! As of May 1st, we will offer special B2B SEPA corporate accounts to selected European fintechs.
Expect more details on in due course.
More news, product updates and developments to follow!

...when you don't even know a feature your user wants already work out of the box.

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