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Private blockchain.

About lightning custodial wallets: I think it is useless to "educate" people to not use them. This does not scale, as people are naturally drawn to the path of least resistance. The way to win is to develop products which just can't exist in a custodial model.

16/ @hudsonjameson's pragmatic q: "What do you think of Ethereum's current governance, esp. on big decisions?"

@aantonop I've listened on some Core Dev calls. I like that no one differs to authority. Also, in ETH, devs have more power than miners. (Not clear in BTC.)



mainnet has reached 700 BTC capacity!

#Lightning #LN #bitcoin $BTC

I am less angry about Google or police than I am about judges signing without understanding what they agreed to.

I wasn't happy with any of the solutions to connect to your Lightning node on the go so I made my own. Check it out and let me know what you think. We're looking for more testers and contributors!

Planning to provide a way for any party to resell his cloud provider's storage against anonymous lightning payments via @BtcpayServer .

Wondering the best way to have client side encryption for large file in the browser for the uploader... Seems to be a pain.

⚡️Spark Lightning Wallet v0.2.4 ⚡️

Now with a new interface for depositing on-chain funds, under the "node" page -> "deposit".

Available on NPM, Google Play Store, Docker Hub and GitHub releases. Get it while its 🔥

The jokes write themselves.

I sent a letter to Ross Ulbricht, and you should too.
#FreeRoss #Silkroad

CSW submitted a comment on the CFTC's request for Input on Crypto-Asset Mechanics and Markets 🤣

Agree that a lot of meaningful things can be done sans sharding, though I do think that some resource pricing rebalances (storage rent, tx data cost reductions) *are* important.

@realLedgerwatch has been doing a lot to push this forward, most recently

Most stressful jobs in 2018:
1. ICO investor
2. ICO startup CEO
3. Crypto fund manager

Just bought a multiplier⭐️in our Super Bro #LightningNetwork game⚡️Every satoshi I collect is now worth two!🤩 Not only you can collect satoshis: until Monday at 12am you can join our tournament. Best score in Super Bro wins the satoshis from the pool !

Non-controversial opinion: Everyone who tweets with #LightningNetwork should have @tippin_me enabled so that i can tip them.

After learning #Bitcoin in April 2011, receiving the 1st mBTC Sept that year, founding Bitcoin Venezuela (@btcven) in 2012, I haven’t been as excited as I’m today seeing the #LightningNetwork develops. Long time since 1st readings about Payment Channels! @hodlonaut🚀


Introducing 1 oz Litecoin Silver Rounds and I only Accept #Litecoin #Bitcoin #cryptos for payment. $2.00 donated to Litecoin Foundation from each coin sold!! Free Shipping!!
1 oz Litecoin Silver Bullion Round .999 Fine

One of my best pleasure when I travel is that wherever I go, nothing can take away the pure joy to land in Tokyo when I come back home.

I hope this city will continue to be great for long time.

@TTrevethan @jimmysong @TheBlueMatt @NicolasDorier talk about why they love Bitcoin, SPV vs full nodes, side chains, and much more!
The panel discussion is moderated by @paddykcl

The Windows on Raspberry Pi Imager installs Windows 10 ARM64 on Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ #PiDay #RaspberryPi #Windows10

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